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Friday, February 14, 2014

276 bpm

so tomorrows valentines day, and yasmeen (girl in class) gave me two mini cookies for it. she baked some for all her friends, isn't she sweet?

I also did my best at fixing the fly ratios, i just hope they live and mate and what not.

cell bio prof cancelled labs today. he made me so happy. I ended up going home then going back for karate. At the very end, when we were done with practice and I was taught the first few moves of godan I rushed to my shoes so that I can catch the bus and I got a bit of a heart palpitation. it wasn't beating very hard like the usual, so the blood pressure in my head was tolerable, however, I tried timing it and it was around 23 beats in five seconds. Do the math, folks. that's 276 bpm. If I keep this up I'll reach to triple the amount of beats an average person should have!
hmm...yet I dont feel faint, pain, or irregular pulse.

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