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Friday, February 7, 2014

A Musical Concert

I watched a live concert with my sister yesterday. It was for her music class. They sounded so much better live than from your laptop, go figure. However, I did almost sleep because it was like 3 hours long. Also, we thought that they will play Beethoven's famous 5th symphony, which we were excited about because we know it, but they played Schubert's 5th symphony and Beethoven..God knows what. A pianist named Anastasia somethingkova also played. She's only 14 and we couldnt really see her well. We were in the very first row but at the corner.

Omg the fire alarm just started ringing now! and im sitting here writing about it instead of doing anything. It's just they have so many drills that I don't even know which is real and which isnt and I guess if no ones running out screaming "fire" i wont do much about it. It's giving me a headache ...

anyways, today was an annoying day thus far and me and my sister will be watching a play! it's cinderella! I hope this one is more entertaining.


it was not just interesting, it was epic. I had, we had so much fun. the play was funny specially the two step sisters. one of them gave that look >B(  and my sister and i cracked up with laughter. theyre opera was great, the fairy god moth mother went so high we were shocked it was just so cool.
It was only an hour long too, which was a bit sad.

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