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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A phone call with Aunti E

So, I scared myself with my pants today. I had hanged them behind the bathroom door, and later on that day, I opened the door to take my pants and they appeared out of no where from behind the door and I totally gasped and looked away in horror.
I'm weird...

My sister's puff pastries were a complete success, alhamdu le Allah. She called mom as she was rolling out the dough, and mom suggested that she should go to culinary school while she's at it. it's a thought!

I also messaged my aunt (dad's youngest sister) about her heart palpitations. You see I got another one on Tuesday, while I was learning Godan. She ended up calling me and we talked for about an hour! I'm not really close to her, in fact, she can be quite a pain. This time was much different. She was friendly, and told me her palpitations last for 5 hours. They rise to about 130 bpm then drop to 90 bpm. Mine rise to about 250 bpm, but only last a few minutes. She told me hers feel as if she's going down a roller coaster, mine only feel as if my heart is beating too fast, and I can even see it beating in my chest, hear it in my ears and feel it pounding throughout my body which makes the pressure quite unbearable on occasions. She told me, similarly to me, that when she went to a cardiologist, her blood pressure, and heart appeared normal. When she went to the ER, however, the time she had it, it appeared that she had low blood pressure.
She also told me, that her heart didn't calm down without an injection to the heart. Artificial sugars are also a trigger for her, things such as sweet N low, and diet cokes are really bad for her. I don't drink anything like that, no caffeine either. I don't smoke, no drugs, regular exercise and sleep relatively well.
She even takes medication for it!

I will, however, with that information, calm my mom down. and I will go talk to the doctor again, and mention that I have a family relative with a similar position as me, and that my palpitations have increased, and I will demand a holter monitor to use on Tuesdays or/and Thursdays, where I know I have karate! I should really sit down every time I get it in Karate, it's just so embarrassing for me to draw attention to myself.

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