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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Biology Midterms

I tripped on my shoe laces today. I didn't step on them though, laces from one shoe tangled with the metal part of the other shoe and I think I could've face planted.

It was kinda embarrassing, but I guess it's okay.

I got 85% on my genetics midterm, and 56% on my cell physiology midterm.
They're both biology.... but... the difference is immense, An A and a D!
Not good, I need to pull my shit together.

I had Cell bio midterm today, and I have an Astronomy midterm tomorrow. I still didn't study for Astronomy, but I will! It's only 14 questions and I'll be damned if I screw this up! I CAN ACE THIS COURSE I KNOW IT!

On other news, I completely forgot my flies, and I haven't checked on them since thursday! My poor baby maggots could be dead by now. I can't restart this shit...AGAIN!
Tomorrow, I also have my election. I'm trying to be part of of the bio society executive members, and there are other two people running too.
I'm not sure how it will go, I've asked like eight people or so to come and vote for me, but so far, I'm only sure of like three people.
Three wont get me anywhere, in my head, I'm thinking if I can at least guarantee ten people, that would be great.
I'll keep asking, I can't mess this up, I need a seat in a society so that I can get accepted in medschool. I need to show everyone that I can have leadership qualities and superb social skills. hmm... alliteration

Oh well, I'll try my best, and to God's the rest!


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