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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Yesterday, after my fajr (dawn) prayer, my sister told me she had been awake for three hours now and was in immense abdominal pain.
At moments like these, I wish I knew how to drive, and had a car.
After an hour has passed, I called mom and told her and we all decided we should take my is to the ER. We were in the ER for about 4 hours, they did nothing but tell my sister to take Advil or Tylanol (pain killers) and if the pain increases or doesn't leave after 48, then she can come back!
Yeah, that was great help!
We went back home, and we had plans to go to Cora's with my friend Revi, but alas my sister was still in pain. After my lunch with Revi was over, mom told me to buy Bascopan, pills for stomachaches, a heating pad, and 7up for my sister. I complied, and after my sister took the bascopan, she felt a bit better.
 Mom, I wish you were a doctor, because you prescribe better medicine.
mothers do know all, at least my mother does. She also told her to swallow some diced onions and drink it with 7up. I'm not sure if that did any help, but my sis is better now.

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