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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Not much happened today, I gained 0.1 kg because I pigged out yesterday, also today...
Third day to eat fast food in a row. my sister and I did some dishes and neither of us has cooked or cleaned yet. I don't know what to say really.
I studied for my psych exam on Monday, and I wanna start on the my biology one for tuesday. It turns out I don't have to take organic chem II for my bio major or my MCAT so im beyond thrilled about that. God knows Organic Chem I will be more than enough for this little butthead!

I hope my sister's gift comes in time for her birthday, I only ordered it yesterday!
I hope the optical shop thing doesn't fuck up my glasses. They told me if they accidentally break my frame while trying to insert the lens, then they cant insure it. I almost had a stroke. I should've just walked out of the shop...maybe I should just not do it. But, i already paid for it!!! Oh God, what do I do! It's an emperio armani brand, and it's purple, and i went to 5 different shops for three days driving my family crazy to get a pair of glasses that will fit my small face and small eyes yet not be black, and have frames so it wont resemble my past pairs and also be in fashion! It was also like 80% off..I just can't...bare the thought that she might accidentally break it and be like ..oops..sorry bro.

I should go study now, enough rambling...
I'm making sure to insert all my heart palpitations on my blog. I wanna keep up with it and see where this goes.


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