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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ali's Will

The will of imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib to his sons

" Beware...

...of the generous if you insulted him, of the intelligent if you embarrassed him,
of the miserly if you gave to him, of the idiot if you joked with him, and of the licentious if you lived with him.

and I have tasted all the pleasures, and I found nothing more pleasurable than health,
and I have tasted all the bitterness, and I found nothing more bitter than needing others,
and I have carried boulders and iron, and I found nothing heavier than the weight of debt.

And know that life is two days, a day that is with you and a day that is against you. So, if the day is with you don't be reckless, and if the day is against you don't be weary. So, be patient because both will ebb. "

This is just a snippet of a long will he wrote to his sons before he died of poisoning. I just really liked this part enough to translate it.

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