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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Generation Y

Hello people!

Yesterday was an another exhausting day!

I woke up planning to drop my permission letter to take a summer course to my sister's university, when she suddenly decided she will drop me off because I don't know where the register's office was.
So, we did that, then I went to my university to see the honor students' posters hung on the walls. I didn't really understand anything, nor was I any type of interested. I merely went there to show my support for my friend "Revi". I ate two pizzas there, then I transferred my flies..augh, let's not talk about that experiment...
Anyways, I also studied a little bit then went to the meeting for Generation Y : tomorrow needs you today.
It's a cute and fluffy
"Chinese Dragon"
I wasn't all that interested in David Suzuki's daughter, or our chemistry prof, or the MP. I came to see my genetics professor's son, a doctor. He was kinda cute to be honest! They all talked here and there, where I felt like a dumb ass once again. not even that, more like a passive, emotionless person who lacks ambition, passion, and devotion. Which made me a little upset. I then ate at the mini bar then rushed to volunteer at the Metro University Relay for Life.
It was tons of fun there. I mostly restocked the snack booth with a girl I knew. I also had my face painted!

We were supposed to stay there until 7:00 am, but I have two exams next week and decided, hey! I need to sleep. So, at 1:00 am, the busses weren't working, and the university patrol wasn't working. A committee member then offered to drive me home, which I'm so grateful for! It was like he came from God or something.
He said he needed the break, and it turned out he's from my university as well!
He's such a sweet guy.

I then went im procrastinating like a bitch and my sister and I have decided...well she decided to start this stupid diet shit, and I'm going along with it because I need to lose weight and couldn't care less about shit.

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