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Monday, March 10, 2014

Nauseating Blood Test

Remember when I said my blood pressure was 80 over something, yeah WRONG!
That day, my blood pressure was 97/59. Which is pretty low, but I doubt all that concerning.

Anyways, I took a blood test this morning. She filled up about 5 vials or so. right around the fourth one, I felt extremely nauseous; even though I was looking away (Excuse me for not enjoying looking at a person probing me with a needle as my life essence flows out.)
It has never happened to me before, this ratchet feeling of vomitting while my blood is being drained. It felt like my heart was beating a little quicker, my skin was flushed, and my stomach was just curling up around it self! Then I think she was trying to converse with me to distract me, because she said I might be feeling nauseous due to a vadovagal reaction. Shouldn't I always have that reaction then at each blood test? I don't know, then after I asked her about my previous blood pressure, she told me it could be due to low blood pressure and asked me if I eat regular amount of salt. There's a thought!
I asked her whether or not people should fast before a blood test, and she almost had a fit. She said she keeps reminding the doctors to tell us that there's no need for us to fast before a blood test unless it's to check the sugar or something else that I have forgotten.
and I relieved her by telling her that the doctor did mention it, and I have not fasted, I was just curious.
Scary nurse, but very informative.

Clench your fist when she inserts the needle, relax your arm when she inserts the vial. or at least, that's what a nurse who knows what she's doing would say. It shouldn't hurt a lot, mostly when the needle inserts you. Otherwise, kick the nurse.

Results are in on monday, my nausea left me a few minutes afterwards, but I still feel like my tummy is making flips.

Diet my sister, mom, and I are on is working. To think I would ever diet. Well, I ate icecream on both days, so it's more like food limitation for me.

I also finished my psych exam and I think I did really well on it.

I don't know how tomorrows physio exam will be, I hate it, I hate her, I hate myself, and I hate you.


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