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Friday, March 28, 2014



Tomorrow is the karate provincials, meaning karate students will be competing against the whole province. It's not that elaborate, but it's definitely something!

The most thing I practiced for was our Team Kata! I'm doing Godan (fifth kata) with justin and Trav. We took a few minutes figuring out what our team kata name will be. we were thinking of something a little Japanese, and when Justin said sushi, I was hungry enough to consider it. Then he looked at me and said, Salmon Fish Role which at that we both grinned and pointed two fingers to our temples, twisting our hands saying "Unagi!" XD after laughing and high fiving each other, we all agreed to the name!

For all of you who did not watch Friends and don't understand the joke:

Oh, Ross!

I will also be competeing in the kata competition and in the one step sparring "Ippon kumite". I really hope we get a medal! We practiced really hard!

Pray for me,

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