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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I went to the doctor yesterday to see my cholesterol and ECG results. Everything seems fine, but I don't I have enough "good cholesterol" or what ever. I honestly don't care. I only checked my cholesterol because she said I has lipidemia, which means she saw a lot of fat tissue in my blood, but everything is fine now. I also had her check my sore foot. You see, the back of my foot, the bone of the second toe has been hurting me for a week now. It didn't occur right after karate, it escalated from pain while walking with shoes, to pain while walking in general, to just numb chronic pain. It has been feeling better now, but I'm still limping. I wanna go to karate anyways. Screw this, how many Tuesdays will I miss!

I went to a "thank you volunteers" breakfast today. complete waste of time. They gave everyone eggs and bacon, tatter and half a grilled tomato. So, I only ate half of my plate. But there was also some fruit salad and some pastries in the middle of each table, so I ate two of those. I liked the pastries.

Yesterday I noticed there has been MORE israeli products being sold in the supermarket, which absolutely appalled me. I wrote a complaint comment to Loblaws for selling Orri mandarin from israel. And I'm very disappointed that "organic tomatoes" are being brought all the way from across the world. How is that organic? Augh!

Please check the labels guys, we don't wanna purchase and support products from an apartheid state, alright?

Thank you for your support,

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