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Friday, April 18, 2014

Finals Finale

"Oh, I'm so sick of studying, so tired of books.
      So sick of worrying 'bout how my GPA will look."

BUT! At last! My finals were over 8:10 pm I was done with my last exam. Oh, what a relief.

I went to school at 8:00 am, took my Cell Bio exam at 9:00 am and was the last to leave at noon. I wanted to thank the professor in person for sending me the email that said: "You did an excellent job on your paper." Instead, I awkwardly said "bye".
I was so dizzy though, I felt like I was swaying, but I wasn't. I just couldn't maintain walking in a straight line for some reason. I guess I was experiencing "Vertigo". I bought a combo meal at Tims; a small mocha, chicken sandwich, and a blueberry muffin. I rolled up the rim and I WON! I won a small coffee or latte. hehe. After I was done with my coffee, the world kept on spinning. It felt like I just got off the spinning teacups and the floor kept moving. That was kinda fun. I then studied for psychology, my next exam. At 7:00 pm, my exam started and it was hilarious. I had one question asking something like this "... In Appearance Anxiety; the fear of being judged for one's physical looks, who usually has it the most. ____ experience it more than ____"
and the options were, and I shit you not, the following:
a) Werewolves more than vampires
b) men more than women
c) women more than men
d) smurfs more than ninja turtles


Now I'm calculating my GPA to see what in God's name must I get to receive a scholarship next year.
So far, I have A- for genetics, and B- for cell physiology.
I'm almost certain I have an A+ for psychology, which means I need at least A- for both astronomy and Cell biology in order to get the scholarship.
That chance is very slim though...seeing as I think I failed my Astronomy final exam.

Pray for me,

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