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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hal-Con 2013 Cosplay

I just realized that I made a little promise in a previous Post that when I get a follower, I will be posting the cosplay pictures of 2013.

Since I got one now, enjoy:
The gorgeous line we waited (not even half)

A storm trooper
A troll, right?

I don't even know, I just thought he was cute
 This creepy couple kept holding a poker face. It's very unclear, but the woman has a cosplay as if her face was peeled off and so she's holding the face in one hand and a doll baby in the other hand. In this picture she was caressing her partner's torso as he stared off in space.
The Creepy Couple 
This cosplay was simple, and looked cheap. YET IT SUITED HIM SO WELL THAT IT LOOKS EPIC.
Tenzin from Legend of Korra

Glaring Bane

Some random cosplayers

Darth Vader
Edward and Lanfan
My favorite picture!
Alphonse and Lanfan
Yes, I'm aware I wasn't the best dressed over there, but give me a break. I wear a hijab (head covering), and I have no interest in wasting money on costumes. One guy stopped me to take my photo though, and another thought I was Amon, from Legend of Korra. That Alphonse costume though...gah! I love it!

I had to chase the FMA characters down for a pic, one of them was taken in the mall. I also took a picture with Spike; from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a picture with soul and death the kid; from soul eater. I wasn't wearing my mask, so I will not be showing it here.

Post what you think,

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