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Monday, May 12, 2014

A corner to the Elbow

When I was done tying my hair up in the bathroom I brought my arm down, but when I did I smacked my elbow against the pointed corner of the towel hanger. I think I  hit one of the ligaments between my bones because I felt an instant pain in my elbow that traveled down the length of my arm making it numb. I crouched down cradling my arm to my chest waiting for the pain to subside. A minute has passed and I was still able to feel the tips of my fingers tingling. Another moment passed before I stood up again and took a look at my elbow in the mirror. There was a small red circle formulating slightly above my elbow, and around it, a bruise was starting to form.

There's a nice painful morning. It was quite interesting watching myself in the mirror go from poker face to scrunched up in pain before it disappeared altogether when I dropped to my knees.

What's worse is that this is the second time I take a sharp hit to my left elbow this year. That's one spot that hurts like hell! The ligament between your bones!

Oh well, that's why I'm called moving disaster, though these incidents have decreased slightly with age!

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