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Sunday, May 11, 2014


I wonder why 'he' thinks I'm stupid, or why my sister thinks I'm smart. Is it for the same reason my chem professor thinks I'm insecure? What makes Revi think I'm innocent, Justin say I'm witty and 'him' say I'm clueless and dorky while my little sister thinks I'm cool? Robert said I'll make a great wife and mother and that whoever will marry me is a lucky man, while my uncle told me that someone has prayed harm on whoever will marry me. And my dear mother thinks I'm a kind person.

What is true and what isn't? Could they all be true because they're based on different perspectives or could they be true due to the fact I behave differently according to the person and circumstance. Could they be describing something they want to see in me, or perhaps it is something they see in themselves.

What's true and what's not?

At least we can all agree that I'm a moving disaster.


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