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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Double Birthday!

Justin, Revi, and I decided to meet up after karate today to go to the wharf; aka waterfront. This was so we can celebrate "Revi's" 23rd late birthday that was on the 2nd of this month and Justin's early 24th birthday that is on the 16th. 

Revi went to karate to do her grading and then when they were done we three attended the class. I got my heart palpitations at the start of it, and I didn't want to interrupt the class, but they were NOT going away with the kicks and reverse punches we were performing, so I took a seat at the back of the dojo. I didn't get to sit for a minute before sensei Dani waved me in to join the rest. I didn't want to make a scene, so I simply got right back up and joined again. I couldn't focus at all with the moves, and after we were done we immediately started on the katas; not giving my heart enough time to return to it's regular pace. After about 10 minutes of me trying to hold in my breath and flex my abs; hoping that trick I read once somewhere would work, and I half assing my movements and taking deep breaths, my heart went to a more regular rate. I was just trying anything to calm my heart down really!
It was a little embarrassing that this sensei with a 7th dan had to invite me back to class. I didn't mean any disrespect, and so I asked Revi and our sensei if I should explain myself. Sensei told me that it wasn't a big deal and that he probably thought I was late and was ushering me in to the class. I don't know what type of reactions people hold when you tell them "hey, btw my heart is beating really fast, so I'm gonna take a seat!" I should probably ask sensei  if I can take a seat if it happened again. She said yes in our university's dojo, but sensei Dani isn't aware of my tachycardia.

After practice, Justin, Revi and I went downtown and we went to Boston's Pizza because we were hungry. We ordered a large and split the bill. The pizza tasted great, but the toppings weren't worth paying 30$ for. We asked for the Tropical Chicken, without pork! hehe, aren't they sweet? they even refused when I said that we could split the toppings in half if they want pork, and they both refused. They said they don't eat it anyways, and that they don't want to make any discomfort or mistakes when we pick the slices to eat. Aren't they sweet?
So, the toppings were two types of cheeses, chicken, and pineapples...NO TOMATO SAUCE! I never had a pizza with not tomato sauce in my life!

I gave them both their gifts and they absolutely loved it! Justin's mouth fell agape when he saw that sucker the size of his head! (it's filled with little ones inside) His eyes were so wide and he looked so happy! I also got him a card that said "Aging is inevitable, but maturing is optional!". For "Revi", I got her a vanilla scented perfume and body lotion. She said she loved vanilla! and she said she almost teared up at my card. Isn't that sweet?

When we were done, we walked along the harbor and ordered some beaver tails! I love beaver tails ( it's fried dough covered in sweet toppings) Justin and I ordered the hazelnut chocolate spread with bananas. I had chocolate all over my face and they kept pointing it out left and right.

We then went to the farmers market, where Justin fell in love with some breakfast sausages and bought them. I preferred the home made red pepper jelly, but I had no money.
I went home after that, and they continued shopping and hanging out. While walking with them, "Revi" dropped this on us "Did you know that we bleed about a cup or half a cup of blood when we have our period?!" I just stood gaping at her, wondering why she suddenly felt the need to share that in front of Justin. I then turned my attention to Justin to notice that he just stopped walking a while back and was spacing out with his mouth open totally filled with shock and disgust. 

Oh well, those are my friends!

I then went to get our sublet some soup because she's sick and when I returned home I almost slept on the chair sitting up. I just crashed, i was so tired! I went to the couch and slept for two hours.

I also did some dishes, and broke a glass; typical of me I suppose.


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