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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Laughing Out Loud with the Crew

Today was intense, I had my final Organic Chemistry exam in the morning, meaning if I pass this course, it will be the end of Chemistry for me; well, aside from the MCAT.

I then went to the mall to run some errands and to cute and dye my hair red, but I ended up just booking the appointment for the next day. It was super expensive, 180$ + tax?! Is it worth it? I don't know. The one doing my hair is a level 5 or what ever, to be honest I'm not entirely sure. I know it's much cheaper in Kuwait, but they're not professionals there, and I will also have a 25% discount from a friend, so I will be paying 150$ with tax instead, which is not much of a difference when you think about it.
I'm also planning to dye it red, which is horrible because it fades, and is hard to maintain, but what ever I suppose.

Afterwards I met up with Revi and Justin then we headed down to the waterfront to catch a Ferry so we can go to Travis' new place; which was fking amazing by the way! He had stairs, and a walk in kitchen, a little studio, two bathrooms, an amazing view. It was lovely, gorgeous, beautiful!

Revi bought pizza, and I got the drinks, unfortunately, Travis' oven was broken?! and um, we used his toasted oven to take turns cooking the pizza. It was funny, but I was starving so I took the first turn. Then my pizza was crusty and made a funny noise, then my tummy growled awkwardly. Everyone kept laughing at me all night, but hey, we laughed at each other. It was hilarious. We were watching this movie, and I totally forgot what it was called because it's boring, but there was a hijacking and I suddenly said, "I swear to God, if they make the Muslim guy the bomber, I will..!!!" which made everyone burst out laughing. It was great, then we poked fun of Justin a bit, and then Travis joked around and said I can watch this one movie in the theater in Kuwait, then he added "you do have them in Kuwait, right?" and I replied with a poker face " What are you talking about, theaters are a sin..." Then he just kept quiet before me and Revi just burst out laughing at him. He then got it, and laughed too. It was just hilarious. Half way through the movie, I saw a black guy in the background with a bandanna on his head and just pointed at him and said "isn't that hide yo kids hide yo wife guy?!" for some reason, Travis found it hilarious and started laughing at me for a good minute, then I asked what was so funny, and he said he never heard me yell so loudly before. It's pretty funny how highly they think of me. Almost every time I crack a joke, or say something inappropriate, Revi turns to me with a horror stricken face then says "You're supposed to be the innocent one!" Poor Revi...
For example, when we watched Family Guy, Justin commented on the guy's face and said "doesn't his chin look like a pair of balls?" and I exclaimed " Omg, you too! I thought I was the only one who was thinking that!" and that's pretty much when Revi freaked out at me and Travis burst out laughing.

Once the movie was over, we started sharing some funny youtube videos. We took turns putting random videos, and we all laughed. When my sister called me they put "stripper music" in the background and cracked jokes about baking brownies and calling the strippers, and passing joints. They're amazing, I love them, and I will miss them when I go to Kuwait.


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