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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Flight delay

So, our flight from Toronto to Amsterdam was two hours and a half late, but then became one and a half hours late, which will only give us 55 minutes to catch the next plane to Kuwait. Let's do the math guys, ten minutes landing, 15 minutes before the passengers leave the plane, ten minutes in case the flight delays further, that gives us only 20 minutes to find the gate and to board! While it's true that it isn't our first time in Amsterdam's airport, and it's a really organized and easy airport to maneuver in, that doesn't mean we will make it. Anything can happen in those vital 20 mins; the plane could be extra late, or the gate could change, or we could somehow get lost! So, we concluded that we will have to run because after calling KLM, they told us there are no other planes to Kuwait that day, and that even if they sent out a mini car to take us, they can't guarantee that they will show up. My sister was also wearing a dress and flats, and told me she wont be able to run. So, we both agreed that I will do the running in hopes of stalling the line for her. I always wear sneakers to the airport just for these scenarios!
Thankfully, we made it. We didn't have to run or anything, though I did squeeze my way out from a few passengers and left my sister behind, it turned out the gate we were meant to go to was literally the next gate on the right ...then they changed it and made it across from that, but it's all good!

We made it home in one piece alhamdulellah.

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