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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Nakad in Ramadan

Well, I should've known when I woke up to the sight of my sister eavesdropping on my dad's phone call that today will not go well.

My dad had a huge fight with his mom on the phone because he wanted my uncle to apologize to my mom for what he said to her four months ago. He wanted Ramadan, the month of forgiveness, to go by smoothly without any problems (ironically).

I suppose that's when Murphy's Law kicks into action. I don't know what happened exactly, but somewhere around three my dad started screaming at his end of the line.
It ended with him telling his mom that he's leaving for Qatar and not coming back. I don't know if he's serious or bluffing, my dad is impulsive and has a short temper.

She had him close to tears, he went in the kitchen to talk to my mom and his voice was cracking. This must be the third time I hear him crying in my whole life. He says he can't take it anymore...

She's insane...and she's manipulative and conniving.

And the older I grow, the more I realize that the abuse my grandmother inflicted on my dad did not end in his childhood. No longer  physical, it's strictly emotional now.
She uses him, and he knows. And it hurts him to know what kind of mother he has. He even joked about it bitterly once after ending a call with her saying what a caring mother she is.

I don't wanna go into details with her. I just hope God sends them somewhere far away from us. I don't care where, I just hope it's soon.

It was also my sister's birthday. She turned 12. We made kusa mahshe with dawalli. It's basically stuffed zucchini and grape leaves, I stuffed two cucumbers too because we had extra stuffing.

I also made my little sis the cake she wants, and I almost lost my mind doing it because I didn't have the recipe I got from my uncle's wife. I found any basic cake online and made it, then I improvised with the caramelized apples.
the sugar clotted though, and so mom poured a lot of water on it and I was barely able to control the frustration I had about that. It was a very soggy cake, so I like..tilted the cake and poured out all the sweet water out. It was ridiculous, but everyone said it tasted soooo good. I don't know if they're lying or not, but when I served it, dad kept making fun of it until I couldn't help but laugh. They really cheered me up.
Mom also made awama, which I think I already explained the concept of in another post. It's a sphere shaped arabic dessert made of fried dough.

I just noticed that we totally forgot to sing my sister happy birthday, but hey, we already celebrated it on Friday!

I also burnt my chest, nipple, foot, arms and my mom's hand in the process of aggressively mixing the boiling water. But it's all good, no second degree burns or anything!


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