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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Anger and Laughter

My sister just sent me "17 struggles ladies with secretly big butts have" on facebook. Then afterwards she sent "21 things only people who suck at applying makeup will understand". Here's the link:

The last few were right.

She's making me laugh so hard, I wonder what else she'll post!

Dad also came back from Dubai, he had a meeting there. And since he returned today, my grandma called thrice. Augh, that woman needs to leave us the fuck alone. With all her energy and determination and conspiracy work, she can go and free Palestine all on her own. She'd be knocking the IDF left and right with one arm while breaking the Gaza wall with the other. She's that type of tough, but she doesn't put it to good use!

Speaking of Palestine, I hope you people have already heard of the missle showers Palestine is receiving from Israel these past 8 days. It started with three israeli teens going missing....then 6 palestinian teens missing...and then the three teens were found dead...and a 15 year old palestinian child's body was found charred. reports say he was forced to drink gasoline, and burnt alive. somehow it escalated to firing missles between the two parties, and of course the missiles hamas throws at israel get  shot down before they hit the ground and the high advanced weaponry israhell uses destroys civilian packed homes.

It's ramadan, people are fasting..and people are dying on a daily basis. Of course israhell is playing victim (as usual). They're putting ALL the blame on hamas, as if hamas is doing this for sheer fun or something. Maybe if they didn't cut off electricity, made water and food supply a living hell to obtain, and treated the Palestinians worse than you treat the animals, and stopped with your illegal settlements. then jeesh maybe Hamas wouldn't be attacking you. I don't blame hamas, i don't support that they injure civilians, but I do NOT blame them for what they do. what would YOU do.
I know america sent two H-bombs on hiroshimal and nagasaki when japan bombed pearl harbor. so, what was israel expecting? That we will just welcome the Zionists into our homes, give them the keys and leave just because nazi germany didn't want them. Like, what the fuck man?

Yes, I'm venting. I've spammed up all of facebook with this. I think some people will unadd me on facebook, but you know what? I don't care! and the dumbass arabs need to CUT OFF OIL SUPPLIES! stop exporting gas and oil to fuel those zionists! like seriously, just tell the US that if they don't get their stupid allies that they pay 30 billion a year to stop bombing Palestine, then we will no longer supply you with oil.

See what happens!

Humanity in people is dead. Just look anywhere. It's ridiculous how stone-hearted people can be.

Peace upon Palestine,

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