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Friday, July 11, 2014

Demonic Nightmare

I ranted in yesterdays post and forgot to say that I had my heart palpitations yesterday. I walked to Great Steak, bought some food and went back home. When I sat down on the couch, I got my palpitations.
That was pretty much it.

and i also woke up from a nightmare yesterday, like fourth one in those ten Days.
I dreamt that I was in some sort of tour with a group inside a dark house. Someone handed me those old school video cameras, the ones where you slide your hand in the slip to hold it up and you peer through a little screen at the side. Anyways, through that camera, I was able to see if there are any demons. Yeah, some paranormal activity shit right here.
Then of course, I did as I was told on videotaping and just as you would have suspected, I saw a black thing next to someones head..and I think they made an odd noise too. It was so freaky. I quickly lowered it to see if it was indeed a demon and it disappeared as soon as I lowered the camera. I looked around the room with the camera again and I saw a few of them. They had red glowing eyes, which now reminds me of another nightmare I had...
anyways, I then flipped the screen of it and turned the camera towards me to see if there were any demons next to me. There was one demon...that was inside of me. Instead of my face, I saw a demon there instead. I just dropped to my side and started reciting a verse in the quran "Surat Al falaq". I repeated what I had done and then I was able to see my face. It was soooo awful...and then I walked down the stairs and saw my uncle N among the crowd and that's when I woke up.
Remember when I said my hand was inside the camera's strap. I woke up with my hand inside my pants! I find it funny now, but the strap of my pants was on the back of my hand while my thumb was out, just as if I was holding that camera. Augh!!!! I hate demons, they're like my worst nightmare.

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