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Friday, July 25, 2014

Practicing Karate while Fasting

Well, for the first time today, I practiced karate while fasting. It's about an 18 hour fast, and karate was at 6:00 pm and we can break our fast at dusk, which is 8:50 pm today.
I figured I might as well go since I missed the last two months of practice.
Anyways, we warmed up outside on the grass. It was the first time I practice outside, it was actually really fun! Then it started raining on us, so luckily, the gym was empty by then, so we headed inside. (we were exercising outside because both gym and dojo were taken)
Anyways, we practiced three step, one step, and semi free sparring. Then when everything was over we sat down in a line and lightly massaged the person on the right and left. It was soooo awkward, and I will not do this shit again! I had a child on my left, so I didn't mind him massaging me, but I wasn't comfortable touching him. I felt like a pedo, I don't know why. Then I had a big man behind me, and HE was saying "awkwaaaard". and I was thinking, YOU think it's awkward! I'm over here, ms. hijabi girl, getting touched by you, a strange old man! I think I actually mumbled for him to not touch me. I kept smiling awkwardly, and half-assing most things. It was disgusting! I'm gonna either slide out of the line, or shove myself between two women, or children next time!

I walked home, showered, then helped mom in the kitchen. When I bent down  I got my heart palpitations, then it stopped and I felt a tightness in my chest that I assume was there due to thirst, but then  I bent down again and I got my heart palpitations AGAIN. That's twice in less than half an hour. Second time I have it twice in one day. I think it was about 220 bpm.

Here's a video of it:

Can you see my chest beating? I know I usually look down my shirt and see my chest beating, and feel the blood pulse in my stomach, head, and torso. So bizarre, but kinda fun.


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