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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pro-Palestine Protest 2014

I went to the pro-Palestine Protest today with my little sister and my dad. My older sister couldn't come because she has an exam in a few days. We started from one park and walked down Spring Garden road then down to downtown, I didn't know we were gonna march while chanting and I thought it was absolutely GREAT! We had people watching us from the streets and some even JOINED US! We had one guy from the sidewalk screaming "israel has the right to exist" he was so angry, and I bet you half the people who heard him gave him something to be more angry about. What a sad man. What was sadder is a group of israelis had the nerve to raise their israeli flag and try to out chant us in the background. Like, why would you go to a pro-Palestine protest to purposely bother people? And here I thought the brought a flag for us to burn, man was I wrong. It would've been hilarious if I asked the man holding the flag if he's gonna burn it! XD

I know it isn't much and that we won't phase our government who unfortunately supports israel, but at least we are raising awareness! There were two black people with us, one old Asian lady with a crutch, and most of us were white! Usually, a lot of Arabs are the ones showing up. We also had some homosexual supporters with us since they had their rainbow flag, and they also had a sign that said "Palestinians and Queers against apartheid" or something of similar words. I also saw a woman wearing the traditional Pakistani or Indian clothing, so it's just really nice seeing people of different backgrounds uniting against a humane cause.

Man, my throat is still sore from the shouting, but it's worth it and I wish it was longer! I can't believe UK had 10,000 protesters, then 100,000 protesters for their most recent one on the 26th and we barely got a couple hundred! To be fair though, our city is very small, it's practically a town and London is one of the busiest cities in the World.

(when I find footage of the event, I will post it here)


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