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Monday, July 14, 2014

Screamed at My Father

The house was pretty tense because mom pretty much erupted. My dad was screaming at my little sister then he threw the plate of dates she gave him on the kitchen floor, breaking it, and left. Once that plate shattered, my sanity shattered with it. I just screamed on the top of my lungs "ليش عملت هيك؟" (WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!) and then surprised he heard screaming, he came back to the kitchen. He yelled back "ليش بتصرخي؟" (WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING?!)
"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" I screamed again. I don't know what he said after...maybe he asked me what did he do..or he said he does what ever he wants...I don't remember but I remember telling him "انتا بس بدك تأزينا؟" (Do you just want to hurt/harm us?)
I don't know how those words left my mouth. I don't know if he understood it as literally harming us with the glass because both my sister and I were barefoot in the kitchen, or understood that he was doing a lot of shit that hurts us or was not doing enough and it's hurting us.
I also screamed that I wasn't gonna clean it up at which he told me not to, and I flipped at that, because you just can't leave glass on the floor. He ended up telling me he will clean it.
 It's not very common for me to even answer my father back, let alone scream at him. This was the very first time I EVER raised my voice at my father and I just started crying when it was over. I hate crying in front of people...I rarely do it, and I look just miserable and I can't stop..and I can't breath, and I look like shit. It's just awful.

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