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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weird Dreams

I've been having a lot of odd dreams lately and I'm not sure if it's from the urge to pee when I wake up, but they're all strange and creepy.

The first creepy dream that I can remember this week was that I caught a glimpse of a maggot walking on my left sleeve. I looked at my arm and it was covered with crawling maggots and two beetle looking insects. It was so disgusting. I flailed my arm and it didn't work, so I just took off my shirt in the bathroom and threw it in the bathtub and began spraying it with water.

The second dream, I only remember this part:
A snake slithered it's way to my thigh and bit my outer left thigh. It just, I saw it digging one of it's fangs inside ( the other one didn't puncture my skin) and it hurt so much that I woke up.

The third is a little more creepy than disgusting and painful:
It started out pretty normal. The way most of my dreams roll out: ENDLESS.
I was playing karate on the sand with my friends, and then my mom picked me up. I went to a wedding and my mom commented on the bride's hair saying it's really classy. Obviously a lot happened and then my older sister appeared. She was only 12 in the dream, and she was dead in the dream. She looked at me and told me she's bored. She beckoned me to follow her, and I left the wedding and went with her to a small dimly lit room. For some reason I linked that room to the movie "The Ring". She picked up one of the eye pieces on the table and played with it. It was a magnifying glass and asked me how to use it. I looked at it, and I saw it as a torture device that rips out eyeballs once you look inside it.
I woke up afterwards, feeling sad...and a little spooked.
It just really broke my heart that my sister was young and dead and bored, she was just trying to play.

...come to think of it...There was a child who tried to play with me two days ago at my aunt's house. It was my second cousin's girl, and she was adorable and wanted to play subconscious is just messed up.

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