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Friday, August 22, 2014

A dream of Two

I had a pretty cool/ bizarre dream. I dreamt that Zack and Nat came over to my apartment out of the blue and I was shocked pretty much throughout it all. I was in my pjs and everything, but they just walked in and sat like it's the most casual of things. They told me and showed me videos of how they were hanging out together, apparently Zack visited Nat. The videos included a lot of random outside activities, and one of them was of nat balancing on Zack's head and then Zack started climbing a pole!
Half way through the dream I realize that I didn't serve them anything to eat or drink, so I try to rummage in the fridge and all I can find is some fruit. It took forever to cut the fruit and I got flustered because no one was helping from my family. I don't know why I also cut a potato and some pickles! While I was away, I did hear Nat praying the magrib prayer, which shocked me 'cause I wasn't aware he was muslim. He had a really good recitation voice and that impressed my dad who came over to give the boys a lecture on forgiveness. That kinda bothered me, apparently Nat's mom is muslim in my dream. Oh yeah! and we also had a pool in the apartment, at which I randomly swam across as a short cut?!
Man, my whole dream was a mess that made no sense just like all my dreams, but it was fun! The idea of the dream was pretty cool and I liked how happy everyone was.
That's what I get for talking to people before I fall asleep I guess, thank the Lord it was those two and not the group of buttheads from the other chat!

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