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Friday, August 8, 2014


So, my parents decided to waste some more money by renting a cottage for a few days. I honestly don't know if this is their midlife crisis or im just so cheap since they just want to enjoy life.
I do, however, love it!
We stayed in the red one!

We are in Crown Cove Cottages and it's this shabby little 10 cottages in a small secluded town in the middle of nowhere. There aren't even any fast food restaurants here, which I find lovely!

Where ever I look, there is greenery, it's just amazing. And for my sensory depraved parents, it's the best.
This morning, I played a little football with my little sis on the grass and then my dad joined us. My sister's kicks are weak but their targeted well, I on the other hand have powerful kicks yet no leg-eye coordination. So, we ended up running around more than actually kicking.
My little sister and I also played around with that thing on the left. We came in like a wrecking ball on that thing!

After that, we went kayaking for our very first time. My parents shared a kayak and my little sister and I both took a single. I LOVED IT. Didn't even get tired, but I had Pocahontas' song "Just Around the River Bank" stuck in my head as I paddled and paddled in the sea picturing myself going down that river and waterfalls that Pocahontas fell from.
I then ventured in a closed section that resembled a river and I felt as if I was exploring the Amazon.

I know I'm exaggerating, but it was that much fun and only for 10$ an hour for each boat!!!
My older sis didn't come, and my little sis kept getting stuck in nothing, but I helped her out, cause it made it more interesting and added to the thrill of having to save her.
Ever so often she would lose control over her kayak but then she thought she saw an "alligator" and she suddenly paddled so quickly that I was amazed. It was just too funny.

We went back to the cottage, picked up my sis, then headed out to eat. Restaurants open at 5 pm here since the staff are family and half if them are family businesses. We ate at a Croatian restaurant, which was adorable, but the family was so tall, I reached the son's mid arm. I know I'm short, but damn!
Food wasn't that great, id give it a 3 or 2.7 stars.
My dad, little sis and I then went go karting and my sis  drove into the rail after I stuck my tongue out at her and distracted her. It was hilarious, I almost ran into something too, just from laughing at her.

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