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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Learner's Permit/ Pancakes

I got my learner's permit yesterday! So, within six months I need to have taken my driving lessons, which sucks because I'll probably be so busy that I won't be able to breath. My sister failed the written exam though, so she was beating herself over it. She can take it again on Monday though.

She then fought with the family yesterday as well, so that put me in a very passive mood until I went out to Revi's place with Trav and Justin. Revi made some pancakes for us, and they were delicious!  I had bananas in mine, then I spread chocolate on top!
After we were done eating and cleaning we watched a comedian, Gabriel/ fluffy. He talked about the racist basket story, and of course our multi-racial group cracked their own racist jokes. I told them we need to make this prank, starting with Justin. Since he's indian, we can put curry inside with some bollywood movies, a cow, and an arranged marriage. At which he replied that he will put a firecracker in mine. Revi took some time to understand the bomb reference, but then she gasped and covered her mouth. It's so adorable how sweet she is. Man, we just need a black guy and an asian girl to make this group complete! Or actually, I like that it's only four people, it's nice and cozy. Every time I'm with them, I laugh so hard no matter where we are or what we're doing. I can't wait until we go to Quebec together.

Here's the racist basket joke:

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