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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lesson Number One

Dad took us out to teach us how to drive. FINALLY!

He was a really good teacher, clear, a bit repetitive when needed, patient, and had full control over the situation.
It was great seeing that part of my dad. I wish he was always this calm and level headed.
He didn't scream at us once! He did scream, but not at me, he just screamed because he thought I'll run into the wall while turning. Pfft, it was so far away though! I mean it's true that I didn't turn my steering wheel all the way, but there was plenty of space. My sister was also screaming behind us, it was too funny.
When I got out of the car to switch with my sister, dad placed a hand on his chest and gave out a sigh of relief, he literally said "phew!"

Now everyone in the house tells me to hit the brakes, or to keep turning the wheel when ever they see me!


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