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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

4th kyu

Augh, my sister is pmsing
It's so awful, legit afraid to speak. Scared what will happen if i stay online, not sure I wanna be around her in that mood either.
She told me she had a sandwich and I told her to go eat something and she yelled at me cause I was bossing her around and she was tired.
Note: She ALWAYS tells me to EAT MORE. or eat less. or what to do.

I sat next to her to watch Boy Meets World, and she told me to pick up my trash from the table and to stop staring at her and to go do something.
So, I did pick up my dirty plates from the table and left to my room with my laptop.
Note: her empty Pepsi bottles are filling up the kitchen counter and she often doesn't pick up her cereal bowl in the morning.

So, I'm sitting in my room, minding my own business because I figured she must be pmsing/ stressed/ bad mood. something is so wrong.
She comes to my room, yells at me for being uncaring and staying by myself even though I haven't seen her all day.
I told her that she seemed in a bad mood and that she told me she wanted to buy groceries. She said she asked me to do ONE thing, and I just left her in her bad mood.

"good person would do this, a person would do that. A normal person does this"
What the fuck does that make me?

I'm sorry I'm not that fucking caring. but if i can't change your stressed and constantly anxious and caring personality into being a more chill and calm one then how can you expect me to wake up pretending I care. I hate confrontations.

Congrats me...I got my 4th kyu purple belt ...and heart palpitations. wouldn't stop until i excused myself for a drink of water then sat down outside.
got it while punching and kicking.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthday Surprise!

Today was Alan's B-day, a friend from skype. He told me he wasn't expecting any presents from the family he lives with, not even cake! I think that's only the case because I doubt they know it's his birthday.  I drew a little collage for him and I think he liked it. He thinks I drew Elsa's hair so perfectly. I don't know him well enough to know the details he likes, nor have  talked to him enough to make up enough memories together with him.
He told me something I really liked though, he said I was "unlike the other girls" of course, fishing for compliments, I asked how, at which he replied I'm "honest".
I'm gonna try to open that topic again for my ego. Not sure what it is I'm "honest" about. He even said blunt type of way, but it's good. So, I'm not sure what I told him. I mean, I did tell him his voice sucks once.... I guess that's not very nice. I did also tell him  he looked like a model with acne when he showed me a pic of himself. I'm really glad he didn't get insulted by that, but it's true. It was a pic of black and white and he looked like those close up poses. Very cute! and so, since mom told me to start telling people that I like something when I see it so that I can work on my social skills and be more comfortable with complimenting, I told him that he does look good.

He confronted me about my name today. I shared my screen with him, and my stupid google had my gmail on the corner, even though I was signed into my hotmail. So, my name showed up. I was hoping he didn't notice it, because I changed tabs quick, but alas. He finally told me today. He said he didn't wanna tell me before because he was hoping I would tell him by my own free will, or that I would give in when he "guesses" my name. At least he didn't notice my last name, if he did, then he'll know what I look like from facebook. WAH!

I got my period today, well, yesterday to be honest, but it ...I really shouldn't be discussing this in details. Apparently I get it every 25 days. That's interesting.

I got light cramps, (squeeze your ovaries) cramps, not (rake my talons against the inside of your uterus as I try to free myself from within) type of cramps.

And I had only one class at 11:30, so I went home early. I still have to talk to smusa about bake sales so the karate club can fund raise to go to nationals.

Quote of the Day: Name

me: I forgot your name.
guy I was talking to on the bus: I didn't tell you my name.
...yeah, I still don't know his name..


Thursday, September 25, 2014


I dissected a lot of fish with my brand new razor! We were going so fast, one guy was measuring the weight and height, one girl was recording, and another girl and I were cutting them open to see if they're male or female. We ended up doing 75 fish in less than an hour, it was a BLAST! It was so much fun, I did like 2/3 of the fishes, I think I was faster than her. Even the guy who handed me the first fish was like "you're done already? How did you do it so quickly?" He even asked me how I'm cutting them open, and I showed him that I make a horizontal incision below the head then a vertical one that's perpendicular to it until I feel that the soft tissue has replaced.
I also noticed that you can almost tell every time if it's a female without even cutting it open by feeling the fish's tummy. If it's soft and bloated then it's probably a female. It's more evident when the fish is mature. We were working on fish as small as 4 cm!

Also, while I was talking to the guy in our group, he started laughing and when I turned around to see why, it was because of my laptop's screen saver.

Shit Bitch Bear (screen saver)

I also ate fish!

I wanna do muay thai since it's offered at my university. Problem is it's either on Wed and Mon at 6:30 or Thurs at 6, which is the beginners class for karate. And I feel as the president, that I should help out at beginners' classes. I really don't wanna do the Mon and Wed one because that way I'll have like 4 days of working out a week, and my concern is really just the stress of the busing and wasting my precious time.

I'll give it a go and see what it's like, maybe if I get real good by the end of the year, I can spar in nationals.

I also had my heart palpitations somewhere this week or the last, I can't remember.

And while I was talking to a friend, I totally fell asleep on the call. Like, not even five minutes into the call and I slept. I felt soooo bad when I woke up.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Draft crappy poem
To love or to love not,
I've dug myself in this grave to rot,
I've fallen from my glory,
There's no happy ending to my story.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A few struggles

I was so tired that after eating, i curled up in my blanket on the couch and couldn't finish the second episode of Boy Meets World with my sister. She kept trying to wake me up. I think I was in a delirious state where I slipping in and out of consciousness.

I had a few disappointments today that feel like a kick in the gut.

1) Can't make it to karate grading because on the 27th I have driving lessons
2) The SNAP (student tutoring) job I was offered earlier this year was for Chemistry, Physics and Math. Meanwhile, like the idiot I am, I thought it included all sciences so I was actually applying for biology and psychology. That would explain why nobody replied to my e-mail. I don't even know why they offered me the job if I never took physics and I didn't get an A in these courses. Seriously, I scored the lowest on them.
3) I told my volunteer coordinator that I can volunteer in a program, then told her I can't volunteer in it because, as it turns out, she was correct about me having a lab on Friday for the next term. And then I dropped out of that class and took Biology of Cancer (which is sorta good news) and now I e-mailed her again to inform her that now I can join that volunteer after all!
4) I still have that assignment due this friday that I'm not even a third through.
5) Typical Thursday: 12 hour day
6) Lee's warm up. NUFF SAID
7) karate was exhausting, so exhausting that I got a double heart palpitation. once in the beginners class and the other in the advanced one. I got the first one when I was reaching for a ball to grab. The second one I got after I got excited because the sensei was my partner and she was attacking me and I was supposed to be defending ( nothing serious, she was counting and everything).

funny part was when I was supposed to block twice then counter attack. She did one punch, I blocked it and straight out punched back before she got the chance to. The other black belt in the room was (Lee) was like "Always the aggressor!" I blamed it on reflexes, I really wasn't thinking. Another time she punched, I blocked it she actually punched and that was dumb because if I didn't shift my head those 2 cm backwards, I would've gotten a fist to the nose. She did manage to poke my nose with her fist!
I do think I've improved a LOT though.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Talking to Strangers

I guess talking to strangers isn't as bad as getting a ride by a stranger, which I have done. ....which is bad...

While I was on the bus home after a two hour karate workout, the guy sitting two seats from me casually asked me, "Trained well at karate today?" I turned to look at him and answered yes. I assumed it was because of my karate gi since I'm too lazy to change.
He then asked "Did you compete as a yellow belt this year?" at that I was a little bewildered, I mean, I'm a purple belt now, but I have competed.
He then mentioned Revi, my friend, and I told him that I didn't remember talking to him before, which we apparently did.
He then apologized because he remembered me, and said he probably sounded like a creeper. I smiled and agreed. Then I got to talking to him for a bit, he said he was interested in joining karate, but had a class at 6 this semester. I invited him to come the next semester. He seemed like a nice guy. Revi knows a bunch of nice people.

After I got off the bus, I saw a beggar on the intersection of the street, he looked like a man in his 25-35 and asked for change. I told him I only have a penny, and he smiled and told me it's worthless these days. I agreed, apologized, and kept walking. While I had my back turned to him, he suddenly screamed "I'm single by the way!" I laughed a bit and said no.
Well, that was awkward.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Dean's List: Part 2

I don't know if anyone remembers this post: Dean's List since it only received 3 views, but I was basically talking about how my friend Kira was in the dean's list due to her minimum of A- GPA in her first year.
I was extremely jealous, and I strived all second year to left my grades up so that I can be in the Dean's list, but most importantly, to get a scholarship achievement reward of 1000$.


I slaved over the second semester of second year, but I'm sure it was the first semester that helped me rock those grades. AUGH! I feel like, I've actually said something and did it, that I was true to my word, that I'm not just talk.

I really wanna be a doctor.

This year is more important than the previous. I need a minimum of A-, no, I should aim higher. I want my GPA to be 3.9

I need to get my act together, and I still wanna be a doctor, and I still want med school despite having to work and study for it until I'm thirty! My mom slaves at her job to what is considered minimum wage in this country and she's an accountant. I used to remember the days when she came home at 11 pm and I don't want that.
Everyone tells me how difficult and arduous it will be to be a doctor. Specially since I'm a girl. 
That I will not have time for family, for kids, for a man, for a social life because it will take a minimum of ten years to be one. How it won't be worth it, how difficult the job itself will be for a woman to perform because I might be on call.
Every time I say med school "Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?"

How close minded these people are.

No, I'm not sure. I'm unsure if I'll even be alive tomorrow. And no, I still don't have that one reason that ignites my passion to be a doctor. I do things without much thought, yet at the same time I do think it over and over and realize how I don't have a passion for much else either. 

But I believe in fate and destiny. I believe that I control the things in which I have a choice in, but do not control that which I don't. Mom told me, even if I wasn't going to be a doctor, that won't determine when I will get married if I even do get married. She reminded me that my aunt received no college education yet she married at 30. How hard you work at your job and how much time it consumes is not just for doctors. I can be anything and still end up coming home at midnight. 

I won't forget the man who told me that it is best to work hard the first half of my life, so that I can enjoy the other half. I want that.
Most importantly, I WANT MONEY. I don't just want to get by in life, or feel threatened of being broke one month or the other. And I don't want to rely on my husband's income either. I WANT MONEY, I need money, we all need money. I need to have enough money that I can afford paying for anything and everything. 250,000 a year is a great salary. I can take care of my parents, pay for my little sister's education, support my sister if she needs it, afford buying a house without taking decades to save up enough for a down payment. I don't want to EVER deal with interest, and I don't want ANYONE to deal with it either.
I want to have a big enough house that I can potentially permanently foster at least two children. Maybe I'll have so much money that I can afford having my own orphanage/school that any child is welcome to stay in, live, eat, and get schooled in if they wish not attend a public school.
I don't know how many jobs offer 250,000 that can grab my interest, but this one does!
And it's even a pretty ethical honest job with tons of respect!

Or maybe I'm just doing this to spite people

Who knows why,

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Follow up Rant

My sister didn't end up leaving the apartment like she said she will. She actually just started cleaning it thoroughly. My friends came over and she talked to them and it was good to hear her laugh so much. I know it isn't often that she does because of all the crap and stress she deals with on a daily basis. We ate my yummy lasagna, and my sister's bought cherry cheesecake. Travis bought chocolate and mango juice, while Revi bought strawberries and green salad. Justin even had seconds, so it's nice to see that when you cook. It sometimes got awkward, but it also got so hysterical that we couldn't chew or swallow the food in our mouths anymore. We then had cheesecake with the strawberries..and It was funny, I had the biggest knife in the house and almost cut Justin's finger off while he was holding the plate still for me.

So, at the end of the day when I was sitting in my room curled up in my blanket with the door closed, my sister walks in and says "So, you locked yourself in your room. Do you have anything to say to me?"
so, I told her that I guess I'm sorry I overreacted. I don't even know if I did...I just had my ears covered while she was yelling at me because I didn't want to hear anything that would make me say something I'll regret.
Then to be fair I asked her the same question and she asked "for what?" "For calling me a bitch?" She then apologized for it, and said she didn't know I heard that. Then it got a little awkward, then she spoke normally.
I guess I played my cards (words) correctly this time. Thank God. So, I guess that went well.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


It hurts so much when your online friends compliment you; call you nice, great, sweet, caring, when you don't think you are those things. Am I just nice to people online and horrible to my family or am I nice in general with a horrible family? It can't be anything other than those two options.
I hate who I am as a person and I strive to make myself better through activities..but I don't focus on the most important thing, which is my attitude and my lack of efficient communication. I find it really hard to talk and I don't know why. I just don't like talking when I don't feel comfortable or just don't like talking when I have nothing to say. Yet, I always  chat and type with complete strangers online. What's wrong with me? or rather,
What's right with me? and..why is it only online people who see it? then again, not everyone online thinks so, but those people's opinions don't count since they're disrespectful.
maybe I'm disrespectful. I kinda wish I was dead sometimes. He was right when he said i dissociate from my problems. I avoid anything and everything that doesn't make me feel comfortable by either spacing out, or ignoring, or changing subjects. I don't like to argue back because I think it's a waste of time and energy and I always end up saying ALL the wrong things. Every time I talk, I say something either dumb or hateful and it's depressing. I don't like who I am around my sister. Someone so selfish, self centered, mean and lazy.

Friday, September 12, 2014


How do you even know if you like someone?

I mean..I think I'm going crazy. Is it normal to constantly smile whenever you get a message from him. I do that for a lot of people though.
I also stalked him some places, but I've done that for a lot of my friends. I even did that to people that weren't even necessarily my friends. Try to find photos of them and what not.
Maybe it's just because he joked around with me about relationships. Which almost.. half of my guy friends do that, but it usually means they like me, but I'm sure he doesn't because he does that with other girls too..and...I'm going crazy.
I think I over thought this. I think the problem is, when he said that, I couldn't think of anything bad about him to think like "not in a million years buddy!". That's how I usually net pick my way out of liking a guy, I think of what I don't like about them, and how disappointed I've been with something they've said or done or remember something they said or did that lost my respect. I can't think of anything bad about this guy though, be it emotionally, personality wise, the things he says, his sense of humor, the way he treats people...and help me Lord, this guy is even physically attractive. I'm so done.

This song keeps playing in my head as I write this:

"Why do I keep running from the truth?
All I ever think about is you
You got me hypnotized
So mesmerized
And I've just got to know

Do you ever think
When you're all alone

All that we could be?
Where this thing could go?
Am I crazy or falling in love?
Is it real or just another crush?"

I asked my friend for help to stop liking him because he doesn't have any flaws I can't tolerate or live with. She told me to imagine him doing disgusting things like pooping, vomiting and picking my nose or having rim job fetishes.
I can't really say it's working...but they are disturbing thoughts none the, I suppose it distracts me from remembering the nice things he said/done.

so, how do you guys and girls come to the conclusion that you like a guy/girl?

comment your answers below.


Quote of the Day: Shopping

me: I have to go shopping today.
sarah: What?! you? shopping?! hard to imagine.
me: Grocery shopping
sarah: Oh! that makes more sense now. I was wondering what happened to you.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Wow, no one's been even viewing my blog ever since I took the ads off and changed my name. Then again, I haven't been discussing anything that usually brings in the readers (manga).

Anyways, today was a 12 hour day. Thursdays will suck ass, but you know what, it's way better than last years because I don't have to volunteer as well. I switched my volunteer program from Meal Assistance to Occupational Therapy assistant. Also, it's on Friday, from 1-3 pm. So, now I have to take care of old lady hands instead of feed old people. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two! I mean, it's still one on one with patients. Perhaps next year I will try working with the IWK which is the hospital for kids. I certainly didn't enjoy feeding the seniors.

Today we started labs, and in this lab we got to dissect a fish!

I was probably happier than I should be with a preserved dead fish in my hands. I even made kissing noises while pressing its mouth against the hand of my friend whenever she asked me a question. She would space out a bit and then sarcastically say "okay, okay, did you just do that? thanks!" But I know it made her smile on both occasions so that was fun. I also shared a paper with a guy next to me, and it wasn't awkward at all. I felt totally comfortable talking to him even though I don't even know his name. So, I'm kinda glad my social skills are improving. Then again, it's easy to talk to people after you make them smile.

Speaking of smiles, I couldn't stop grinning today at karate! As the karate club president I felt obligated to participate in the first day of the beginner's day. We had at least 10 new faces, and I just LOVED IT!

Tanaka gets called senpai for the first time
I was really excited to see if we will have any new participants because our group seems to be shrinking, and we did! They were mostly women, but there were also about 4 new guys from what I remember. I just love it!
Black, asian, white, men, women, short, tall, fat, skinny. Man, I love love love the diversity found in karate.
I got to help out some people with their stances and by the end of class the girl I helped out turned to me and said " I won't remember your name, so I'll just call you senpai."

And all I could think of was Tanaka from Haikyuu

I grinned like an idiot and told her that was totally cool, but she didn't even bother hearing my name! :D

I also have to start getting ideas for fundraising and I need to tell the vice president to write some letters for the university, maybe they will fund us for nationals. Perhaps a bake sale on a Monday would be great. Also, a little get together social night would be nice, specially to get to know the new students.

I can't wait for next class so I can get to see my little kohais again.


Quote of the Day: Diaphragm

I was talking bout the diaphragm to my sis. I was explaining what it is by telling her it makes more sense when you open the body up, that there's a little layer under the lungs separating the thorax from ...then she cut me off and looked at me "Ahh! it makes me really nauseous when you talk about things like that"

WAH! Anatomy is not so bad :<

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A guy I know told me today that the character Yuzuki Seo from the anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun reminds him of me. I didn't watch that anime nor am I interested to, but he did show me the clip that he said reminded him of me.

It is episode 10 from 3:00 - 7:30

In the clip, she basically bursts out laughing at every death scene while she watches a movie with a guy. She also got really excited about the gore parts and started getting hyper remembering them, which was funny because when I was reading Tokyo Ghoul, I did the same to the guy who showed me the clip.  I kept going on and on about how amazing it was when a character pulled a centipede out of his ear, and how graphic everything looks and how thrilling the gore is, which did freak him out. I suppose people aren't supposed to talk bout their guilty pleasures.
He did however say I'm "not outgoing" and that I'm the quiet type, which I don't find particularly true. I think I am very outgoing because I'm always up to trying out new things and meeting new people, but since I'm also an introvert, I suppose to him I sound like a recluse. An outgoing person is supposed to be someone sociable, friendly, easy going, and extroverted. I suppose I got most of them down!

Another guy I know pointed out that Hinata from Haikyuu reminds him of me because of my clumsy demeanor. It made me laugh, and I think it's pretty true to some extent seeing as I actually have done some things like get trapped in the net and stumble on my feet, but this is a bit exaggerated.
This was after we watched a few funny clips, this one included:

Hinata is the orange head, while Kageyama is the black haired one. He also stated that in this particular scene he would be Kageyama, which I just found hilarious. He's usually this really chill uncaring guy, so his comment just made me laugh. He does get moments where he just wants to smack me, but I have the same moments for him too.

My older sister once told me ronn from kimpossible acts like me. While ronn from harry potter is what reminds my cousin Mo of me.

Abaddon thinks misaki from Kaichou wa Maidsama is a replica of me. My little sister agrees.

It's interesting what every person sees in me.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quote of the day: Asian

boy: How do you blind an Asian?
me: you make them laugh.

First Russian Wedding

Just got back from Nancy's (my sister's Russian friend) wedding!

I've never been to a western/white people wedding before, so this was really interesting! And, I don't recall dressing up for a wedding while wearing a hijab before either, it was so much fun though! I did my own makeup and I thought I will screw it up for sure because hey, I don't wear makeup! But, no, I rocked it after my sister showed me how last night. My sister usually takes care of my eye shadow on occasions, but because she is the bride's maid she had to be there two hours prior to the guests.

The wedding ceremony started at 4 pm and I've never seen people take their vows before, it's interesting and sweet and corny. After the ceremony was over the bride and groom left to take pictures outside while the guests stayed in the building to nibble on some snacks and drink some cocktails. I socialized here and there with a friend of the family who was so adorable, she was the first friend they made when they immigrated to Canada. The other person I talked to was an Egyptian man who is studying pharmacology. He didn't know anyone either, and he's an old friend of hers from high school. When The bride and groom arrived back, the groom's mother had a home made baked bread out for them with salt in the middle of the loaf. She then explained that it is a custom in Russia to give the newly wed couple salt and bread as a play on words. She said that this will represent the last salty moment of their life. They both ripped chunks from the loaf, dipped it in the salt and fed each other.

Bread and Salt
The guests then left to the ball room where we were seated in our tables. Someone screwed up the seating so my sister and I ended up sitting with strangers instead of sitting with the people that are around our ages who are from the bride's side, but it wasn't a big deal!

After some singing, speeches, entertainment and food, we started dancing! Oh wait, there was another cultural thing that every time someone said a speech they would scream "Gorko" and the whole crowd would start chanting "Gorko, gorko, gorko..." which indicates that the bride and groom must start kissing, and they can't stop until the crowd stops chanting. Gorko in Russian means "bitter", so I suppose they're kissing the bitter taste away? I found that interesting.

Wedding Cake & Cupcakes

I could not not dance. I thought maybe I shouldn't but EVERYONE at one point danced and I was like nope, I can't go to a wedding and not dance. I wanted to dance so badly I started telling the guys to go and dance, so when we got to the dance floor, one guy took me by my hands and pulled me in to dance. I couldn't refuse! Since my sister is with me, she can also tell me if I start making a fool of myself, but not once did she say that, she told me my dress is flowy so nothing shows when I dance. And that was all it took me to just loosen up and dance like no one's watching. I danced to Gangnam Style, 'cause that's my jam, and I danced the twist to the oldies and I danced to Kung Fu Fighting remix and Every body Dance Now, and so many others, but those are the songs I pretty much lost it at.
After some dancing they took out a box of little dress ups like a cat mask, a funky hat, some feathery scarfs and a tiara for the bride. There were also some balloons and people just all started kicking and hitting those on the dance floor. Meanwhile, I elbowed the Egyptian guy while he was walking behind me, smacked and kicked the girl next to me, and I'm pretty sure I touched her butt by mistake. She laughed it off and told me that I'm dangerous, I joked back telling her that shes going home brown and blue. She replied "typical Russian wedding", then I told her how funny it is she says all that about me when my nickname is "moving disaster". She couldn't stop laughing afterwards.

That girl also came over to our table and told us that she was delivering a message from the lady sitting next to her. She said "I can't stop looking at these two Muslim girls because they're so pretty." That totally made my day, but then she kept telling us how pretty we looked, and how she went to Paris and my outfit looked like it's from one of those fancy stored in Paris, and it got a bit awkward. Though I still love how she complimented us.

It was so much fun, we went home at 10:30 pm with our feet sore.


Saturday, September 6, 2014

American Football

What a night!

I just watched my very first football game today, though we lost 7-31. Pretty devastating but the other team was really good. Even though I don't know much about football, I could tell that much. I have never felt so short in my life, half the people there were above 6 feet or something, and most people were white or black, but they were all huge it was kind of intimidating. Anyways, the reason why I attended this match was because I was representing the karate club at half time. I was wearing my karate gi and everything, it was a bit embarrassing  and the adrenaline was pumping once I was in the spot light. I probably looked at awkward as I felt.
What really made my day is our husky mascot. He's so friendly and out there that every time I see him I can't help but smile. He jumps around to cheer the crowds, and he walks over to individuals shaking little kids' hands and waving at others. When he saw me standing in my gi at the side and when I looked at him, he walked over to me with his arms wide open. I gave out the cheesiest grin and hugged him back. I don't know who the guy inside is, but I love him now. I don't even care. After I came back from the middle of the field I asked sensei to take a picture with me and him together. He doesn't speak or anything just nods and stands next to me.

After the game was over, some members of the karate association started picking up the trash and we took the recyclables too. We are fundraising for nationals the upcoming summer and doing this gave us 200$ excluding the price of the recyclables we get to keep and sell. Which is amazing money for less than an hour's work. My sensei also drove me home, which was nice of her.

Tomorrow is my sister's friend's wedding, and I'm invited. I'm gonna look like a whore because I don't know how to apply makeup! I just hope I don't embarrass my sister, I don't particularly care for this wedding.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Highlights of First Day of Third Year

        I only had one class today which was only 20 minutes long, but I needed to stick the karate posters up with Justin so I waited about an hour for him to come. I spent half that time catching up with my pinay friend who I haven't seen since last semester. What sucked was I got my period in my first day too, so I've been sore throughout the day, but I took pills before I left the house, and thank God I didn't get those killer cramps.
       I scratched my middle finger while removing a tack from the board, and it started bleeding. Justin was nice enough to look for a bathroom for me to wash it off even though I wasn't planning to.
       After we were done, I decided to give the permission letter to the other university and it just started pouring outside while I was walking, it was so awful. My new shoes were soaked and all my clothes were wet, it was pretty awful. I then had to walk home because I missed the bus and wasn't planning to wait for the next one. So, I pretty much walked 4 hours straight today (more or less). I then bought frozen pizza, three avocados and a pint of blueberries.

My Lunch

On an emotional side note:
The first thing I saw in the morning is this long message on skype from a friend talking about the difficulties in his life and thanking us for easing it a bit by giving him a few laughs. It was so awful, I thought it could be a suicide letter but I knew for sure he wasn't that type of person, at least specially since his life now is much better than before. I almost cried reading it, but it made me really happy that he included me among the four people he sent this to because I know that he's really close to them. I know he wasn't planning on sending it to me, but he did on a last minute thought. I think it's really sweet that he remembered me as a friend who made him laugh, specially since I've seemed to drift from the people I chat with in a daily basis. It's nice to know that I at least made one person happy even if it was for a short period of time.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Semester 2014

So, I'm just gonna vent out here and rant about all that is expected of me and things to accomplish/do for this semester:

1) I'm a full time student so, five courses including two labs
2) I practice karate twice a week, an hour each. Since I'm the president this year, it may escalate to 4 hours a week depending if I decide to join the beginners classes.
3) Speaking of karate, I will be practicing for the provincials and nationals, meaning an extra hour or two of karate per week.
4) driving courses/ lessons during the weekend
5) Volunteering in the meal assistance program and the conversation partner program.
6) studying for the MCAT

shoot me...