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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

4th kyu

Augh, my sister is pmsing
It's so awful, legit afraid to speak. Scared what will happen if i stay online, not sure I wanna be around her in that mood either.
She told me she had a sandwich and I told her to go eat something and she yelled at me cause I was bossing her around and she was tired.
Note: She ALWAYS tells me to EAT MORE. or eat less. or what to do.

I sat next to her to watch Boy Meets World, and she told me to pick up my trash from the table and to stop staring at her and to go do something.
So, I did pick up my dirty plates from the table and left to my room with my laptop.
Note: her empty Pepsi bottles are filling up the kitchen counter and she often doesn't pick up her cereal bowl in the morning.

So, I'm sitting in my room, minding my own business because I figured she must be pmsing/ stressed/ bad mood. something is so wrong.
She comes to my room, yells at me for being uncaring and staying by myself even though I haven't seen her all day.
I told her that she seemed in a bad mood and that she told me she wanted to buy groceries. She said she asked me to do ONE thing, and I just left her in her bad mood.

"good person would do this, a person would do that. A normal person does this"
What the fuck does that make me?

I'm sorry I'm not that fucking caring. but if i can't change your stressed and constantly anxious and caring personality into being a more chill and calm one then how can you expect me to wake up pretending I care. I hate confrontations.

Congrats me...I got my 4th kyu purple belt ...and heart palpitations. wouldn't stop until i excused myself for a drink of water then sat down outside.
got it while punching and kicking.


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