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Thursday, September 18, 2014

A few struggles

I was so tired that after eating, i curled up in my blanket on the couch and couldn't finish the second episode of Boy Meets World with my sister. She kept trying to wake me up. I think I was in a delirious state where I slipping in and out of consciousness.

I had a few disappointments today that feel like a kick in the gut.

1) Can't make it to karate grading because on the 27th I have driving lessons
2) The SNAP (student tutoring) job I was offered earlier this year was for Chemistry, Physics and Math. Meanwhile, like the idiot I am, I thought it included all sciences so I was actually applying for biology and psychology. That would explain why nobody replied to my e-mail. I don't even know why they offered me the job if I never took physics and I didn't get an A in these courses. Seriously, I scored the lowest on them.
3) I told my volunteer coordinator that I can volunteer in a program, then told her I can't volunteer in it because, as it turns out, she was correct about me having a lab on Friday for the next term. And then I dropped out of that class and took Biology of Cancer (which is sorta good news) and now I e-mailed her again to inform her that now I can join that volunteer after all!
4) I still have that assignment due this friday that I'm not even a third through.
5) Typical Thursday: 12 hour day
6) Lee's warm up. NUFF SAID
7) karate was exhausting, so exhausting that I got a double heart palpitation. once in the beginners class and the other in the advanced one. I got the first one when I was reaching for a ball to grab. The second one I got after I got excited because the sensei was my partner and she was attacking me and I was supposed to be defending ( nothing serious, she was counting and everything).

funny part was when I was supposed to block twice then counter attack. She did one punch, I blocked it and straight out punched back before she got the chance to. The other black belt in the room was (Lee) was like "Always the aggressor!" I blamed it on reflexes, I really wasn't thinking. Another time she punched, I blocked it she actually punched and that was dumb because if I didn't shift my head those 2 cm backwards, I would've gotten a fist to the nose. She did manage to poke my nose with her fist!
I do think I've improved a LOT though.

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