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Monday, September 29, 2014

Birthday Surprise!

Today was Alan's B-day, a friend from skype. He told me he wasn't expecting any presents from the family he lives with, not even cake! I think that's only the case because I doubt they know it's his birthday.  I drew a little collage for him and I think he liked it. He thinks I drew Elsa's hair so perfectly. I don't know him well enough to know the details he likes, nor have  talked to him enough to make up enough memories together with him.
He told me something I really liked though, he said I was "unlike the other girls" of course, fishing for compliments, I asked how, at which he replied I'm "honest".
I'm gonna try to open that topic again for my ego. Not sure what it is I'm "honest" about. He even said blunt type of way, but it's good. So, I'm not sure what I told him. I mean, I did tell him his voice sucks once.... I guess that's not very nice. I did also tell him  he looked like a model with acne when he showed me a pic of himself. I'm really glad he didn't get insulted by that, but it's true. It was a pic of black and white and he looked like those close up poses. Very cute! and so, since mom told me to start telling people that I like something when I see it so that I can work on my social skills and be more comfortable with complimenting, I told him that he does look good.

He confronted me about my name today. I shared my screen with him, and my stupid google had my gmail on the corner, even though I was signed into my hotmail. So, my name showed up. I was hoping he didn't notice it, because I changed tabs quick, but alas. He finally told me today. He said he didn't wanna tell me before because he was hoping I would tell him by my own free will, or that I would give in when he "guesses" my name. At least he didn't notice my last name, if he did, then he'll know what I look like from facebook. WAH!

I got my period today, well, yesterday to be honest, but it ...I really shouldn't be discussing this in details. Apparently I get it every 25 days. That's interesting.

I got light cramps, (squeeze your ovaries) cramps, not (rake my talons against the inside of your uterus as I try to free myself from within) type of cramps.

And I had only one class at 11:30, so I went home early. I still have to talk to smusa about bake sales so the karate club can fund raise to go to nationals.

Quote of the Day: Name

me: I forgot your name.
guy I was talking to on the bus: I didn't tell you my name.
...yeah, I still don't know his name..


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