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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


A guy I know told me today that the character Yuzuki Seo from the anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun reminds him of me. I didn't watch that anime nor am I interested to, but he did show me the clip that he said reminded him of me.

It is episode 10 from 3:00 - 7:30

In the clip, she basically bursts out laughing at every death scene while she watches a movie with a guy. She also got really excited about the gore parts and started getting hyper remembering them, which was funny because when I was reading Tokyo Ghoul, I did the same to the guy who showed me the clip.  I kept going on and on about how amazing it was when a character pulled a centipede out of his ear, and how graphic everything looks and how thrilling the gore is, which did freak him out. I suppose people aren't supposed to talk bout their guilty pleasures.
He did however say I'm "not outgoing" and that I'm the quiet type, which I don't find particularly true. I think I am very outgoing because I'm always up to trying out new things and meeting new people, but since I'm also an introvert, I suppose to him I sound like a recluse. An outgoing person is supposed to be someone sociable, friendly, easy going, and extroverted. I suppose I got most of them down!

Another guy I know pointed out that Hinata from Haikyuu reminds him of me because of my clumsy demeanor. It made me laugh, and I think it's pretty true to some extent seeing as I actually have done some things like get trapped in the net and stumble on my feet, but this is a bit exaggerated.
This was after we watched a few funny clips, this one included:

Hinata is the orange head, while Kageyama is the black haired one. He also stated that in this particular scene he would be Kageyama, which I just found hilarious. He's usually this really chill uncaring guy, so his comment just made me laugh. He does get moments where he just wants to smack me, but I have the same moments for him too.

My older sister once told me ronn from kimpossible acts like me. While ronn from harry potter is what reminds my cousin Mo of me.

Abaddon thinks misaki from Kaichou wa Maidsama is a replica of me. My little sister agrees.

It's interesting what every person sees in me.

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