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Thursday, September 11, 2014


Wow, no one's been even viewing my blog ever since I took the ads off and changed my name. Then again, I haven't been discussing anything that usually brings in the readers (manga).

Anyways, today was a 12 hour day. Thursdays will suck ass, but you know what, it's way better than last years because I don't have to volunteer as well. I switched my volunteer program from Meal Assistance to Occupational Therapy assistant. Also, it's on Friday, from 1-3 pm. So, now I have to take care of old lady hands instead of feed old people. Maybe I'll learn a thing or two! I mean, it's still one on one with patients. Perhaps next year I will try working with the IWK which is the hospital for kids. I certainly didn't enjoy feeding the seniors.

Today we started labs, and in this lab we got to dissect a fish!

I was probably happier than I should be with a preserved dead fish in my hands. I even made kissing noises while pressing its mouth against the hand of my friend whenever she asked me a question. She would space out a bit and then sarcastically say "okay, okay, did you just do that? thanks!" But I know it made her smile on both occasions so that was fun. I also shared a paper with a guy next to me, and it wasn't awkward at all. I felt totally comfortable talking to him even though I don't even know his name. So, I'm kinda glad my social skills are improving. Then again, it's easy to talk to people after you make them smile.

Speaking of smiles, I couldn't stop grinning today at karate! As the karate club president I felt obligated to participate in the first day of the beginner's day. We had at least 10 new faces, and I just LOVED IT!

Tanaka gets called senpai for the first time
I was really excited to see if we will have any new participants because our group seems to be shrinking, and we did! They were mostly women, but there were also about 4 new guys from what I remember. I just love it!
Black, asian, white, men, women, short, tall, fat, skinny. Man, I love love love the diversity found in karate.
I got to help out some people with their stances and by the end of class the girl I helped out turned to me and said " I won't remember your name, so I'll just call you senpai."

And all I could think of was Tanaka from Haikyuu

I grinned like an idiot and told her that was totally cool, but she didn't even bother hearing my name! :D

I also have to start getting ideas for fundraising and I need to tell the vice president to write some letters for the university, maybe they will fund us for nationals. Perhaps a bake sale on a Monday would be great. Also, a little get together social night would be nice, specially to get to know the new students.

I can't wait for next class so I can get to see my little kohais again.


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