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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Talking to Strangers

I guess talking to strangers isn't as bad as getting a ride by a stranger, which I have done. ....which is bad...

While I was on the bus home after a two hour karate workout, the guy sitting two seats from me casually asked me, "Trained well at karate today?" I turned to look at him and answered yes. I assumed it was because of my karate gi since I'm too lazy to change.
He then asked "Did you compete as a yellow belt this year?" at that I was a little bewildered, I mean, I'm a purple belt now, but I have competed.
He then mentioned Revi, my friend, and I told him that I didn't remember talking to him before, which we apparently did.
He then apologized because he remembered me, and said he probably sounded like a creeper. I smiled and agreed. Then I got to talking to him for a bit, he said he was interested in joining karate, but had a class at 6 this semester. I invited him to come the next semester. He seemed like a nice guy. Revi knows a bunch of nice people.

After I got off the bus, I saw a beggar on the intersection of the street, he looked like a man in his 25-35 and asked for change. I told him I only have a penny, and he smiled and told me it's worthless these days. I agreed, apologized, and kept walking. While I had my back turned to him, he suddenly screamed "I'm single by the way!" I laughed a bit and said no.
Well, that was awkward.


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