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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Birthday Girl

me: I think I know what my presents are!!!
sis: Just say them, what the fuck is wrong with you?

AUGH, I can't wait until Saturday because that's when I'll actually celebrate my birthday! (busy Thursday and Friday!) I have a feeling my sister got me a little naruto action figure and I know for sure she also got me heels, but I don't wanna know until I see it!!!! AAAAH! Plus! I thought for sure Revi will give me one of her baby spider plants, but I had no idea that she, travis and Justin had actually gotten me something else! AUGH what could they have possibly given me? It's funny, cause now I know what they think of me! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!

Gonna be a little lame cause it's my birthday tomorrow!
I will make a list of the people who wished me a happy birthday! Yes, I'm fully aware that most only know so because of facebook, but still!!

They're in the order of which I see first:

1) neon/dj
2) Dana <3

(1st on fb)
3) Mimi (twitter)
4) Justin!

(2nd on fb)
5) Dad
6) Omega
7) Sis (she showed up with a box in front of the door first thing in the morning <3)
8) Robert
9) Meesh
10) Starlight (wanted to wait until I was online then...)

11) Mommy <3
12) Nor
13) Alan!

14) Aunt H
15) Revi <3

16) Grace
17) Cousin L
18) Uncle N
19) Dina (fb)
20) Long Vietnamese friend
21) Yas
22) Vicky (birthday buddy)
23) Mona (fb)
24) Cousin H
25) M Sri
26) Tiff
27) Inshy + 2 girls
28) Abaddon
29) Sin/lust
30) Uncle W + cousin L
31) art + Dua (karate)
32) Briana (karate + BIRTHDAY BUDDY :D)
33) effy
34) Jackal
35) Aunt R
36) Kayla

God, that's a huge ass list. I forgot bout fb!!!


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