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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Distant Family Wedding

cool, someone in france is reading  my blog!
The wedding cake

it's midnight and I just came back from a distant relative's wedding. I got invited by my grandpa's sister; Safa. She's so sweet, I love her.
I also loved her daughter (the bride's mother) and HER daughter (bride's sister).
They were super friendly and welcoming, but they were too busy with the bride to really make me feel a 100% welcome. They thought it was pretty cool that I was family they never met before. When one of them guessed my age, she said I looked 17. yaouch.

Anyways, I wore the same thing I wore at Nancy's wedding! It was pretty good. I had fun, I danced a bit, not as much as I would like to. I took a few pictures for my parents and family in Kuwait who actually know these people.

At the end, Safa made sure I take a ride home with someone from the wedding instead of taking a cab home. They drove me to the door, and didn't leave until they made sure I'm inside. I really miss Arabic hospitality. I even saw the Palestinian dabke, most people talked in Arabic and most songs were arabic too. It was as if I wasn't in Canada! It was absolutely INSANE!

The wedding tables' center piece


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