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Monday, October 20, 2014

Fighting the Temptations

So, I know I talked about this boy before, Ridda. Yeah... he just added me on instagram
the fucking RIPPED
I'm like AAAAAAAAHHHHHH, I can't believe it, and someone with that body hinted he liked me ....and for who i am, a middle eastern girl that loves food and anime!
One of those moments where I wish I dated... great body, great personality, we hate the same people, we love the same animes, we love the same food, we wanted the same careers, we both are dorks about anime, we both grew up in the same country even though we're both not from that country, we're both short and we are both muslim. I mean..I think this is as close a soul mate can get. I'm losing my shit.
I just sent the topless pick of him to my mom blaming her for all of this..even though she didn't do anything. Can't wait to see her reply though.

Better take some hasanat for fighting these temptations!


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