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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Event

Since I'm going to Halcon as Noface this year, I decided I might as well go trick or treating! It is by far, one of the BEST cosplays/ costume a muslim girl could wear since I wear a hijab!

Revi and I had it planned out! I will be her "13 year old cousin Sally".
However, I received an Email from "Speak Up" about this Halloween party in my university with costume contest, haunted little house, and pumpkin carving!

I dressed up as Noface! I wore all black, then my mom's butterfly abaya. The mask me and Revi made of paper mache was AMAZING. People thought I bought it from somewhere. At least 15 people came up to me asking to take my picture, or take a picture with me. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Noface Cosplay from Spirited Away

We then played a game called Graveyard, in which everyone had to play dead and someone would have to make you laugh or move. While I was lying down at the start of the game, Revi asks me "Do you know that they're taking pictures of you?"!?  (I couldn't see properly from my mask). Then during the game I saw one man from one eye hole, and another man from the other eye hole peering at me, which slightly unnerved me! One then asked "Is it a boy or a girl?" Then I just shot up! I'm like nope! Then I started trying to make people move. I went up to several people just staring at them really intently and that made some people laugh. One girl wouldn't move no matter how long I stared, so I started tickling her exposed knees with the silky cloak/abaya I was wearing and she burst out laughing.
It was so funny! It was a little scary to have that much attention at first, but then I just took the role in and just enjoyed and basked in it.

Second Round of Grave Yard

Selfie with Noface!

A lot of the people there were international students, mostly Japanese, and they would come up to me asking me if I was Japanese or Chinese, and I would tell them no, I'm from Palestine! It's amazing that I made SO many people smile as they saw one of their childhood characters come to life!
Then an hour later this other Noface person shows up! Totally weirded me out. We stared at each other for a while confused. What are the odds!? Then people started taking pictures of us staring at each other. She handed out golden covered kiss chocolates, I has my golden loonies in my bag, but she even thought that far too!

Two No faces at once?!
Then came the haunted house, I spent at least an hour and a half just volunteering to scare people in it. I would just stare at them from behind my mask then grab their shoulder, or I would slowly follow them or imitate the Grudge's sound. The asian girls were the easiest to scare. Other people were scaring with me, it was a BLAST, but after an hour, I got a headache, and it got really hot.
I then took a picture with Ash Ketchup and went walking home with Revi.
It was a great Halloween!


(More Pictures with Moi!)

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