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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


So, I was trying to see how well my measurements fit the ideal ones, but I couldn't really find anything of that sort. I did; however, stumble upon J-Lo and I remember my mom comparing me to her at some point. Boy, was my mom right! we have the same waist size, and almost the same sizes, except She's like 3 inches taller, has huge feet, and she's a 32C ...maybe after getting pregnant I would have her exact measurements!

I had my heart palpitations today while I was punching in three step sparing. I just had started laughing while i punched and it came..but it left soon and I didn't have to sit one out for it to leave either, so that was good.

We also practiced some close combat moves using our elbows and knees. I elbowed with all I got at a steady speed until I scraped the skin off my left elbow. Wasn't too fun afterwards!

Little creepy thing today was this new friend of mine "Hiro";who lives in my building, had not just waited for me after I was done with karate, he also did some grocery shopping with me afterwords, and get this! He carried my fucking grocery bag for me. It was so awkward, he kept trying to help, and half way while walking I asked if he needed any help and reached for the bag, but he got so offended. He said he's a guy, that he doesn't need any help. and I told him that it was my food....and that we're the same height, which I knew would be a nice little jab at his male ego. It's almost like calling a girl fat.

I then joked around telling him I have a feeling he was gonna go home with my bag, and he actually did run upstairs with my food! He ...had me chase him up the stairs after a 2 hour workout, I almost took my shoe off to throw it at him.
My lord, am I being overly friendly with this guy? he doesn't like like me does he? I don't wanna explain the concept of dating in Islam again, shit will be seriously awkward.

on another note, one of my online "friends" who I talk to on a daily basis, had one day decided to unadd me as a friend and ignore me completely. So, I have that going for me, which isn't very nice. I already sent him three messages and he ignored all three. Maybe he's just ..I don't know.. oh well...can't force someone to be friends with me, I just wish I knew why.


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