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Friday, October 17, 2014


criticism criticism criticism...kinda wish i was deaf.
the shit she says..everything..Wish I can live alone, I wanna be alone. In solitary, by myself.. I wanna fucking disappear. I can NOT be with her any longer.

it drains me when she does that .. she also is very blunt..and picky bout everything..why did you buy this..they're too big..why don't you think bout me..why did you buy's a child's common sense to buy something bigger..why didn't you just ask...why can't you buy shoes that either buy them too small or too big... NAG NAG NAG

 I wish I lived alone, I want my own Island. I'll call it the SIN, my Islamic Nation. Population: 1.
I'll live off of it, and be bothered by no one.

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