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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Quote of the Day: Driving

my convo with my aunt on the phone, something along the following lines:

Me: So, you guys miss me or what?

Aunt: We'll only miss you if we want a disaster to happen to us!
Seriously, we have balconies here. If we want to fall WITH the balcony then we will ask for you to come!
(she then started talking to my other aunt as well, as I was on speaker)
Remember last year? Remember what she did? Who does that? she's the one moving, and she crashed into a PARKED car!
(she then laughed at the memory and played out some side effects of the incident)
We just heard a bang and when we turned around, we saw her rolling on the ground! 

Me: I didn't see it!

Aunt: How can you not see a PARKED CAR!?

me: Wait until I get my driver's license.

Aunt: There are certain people that shouldn't drive, and I think you should be one of them! People will have to put up warnings that you're gonna be passing.

me: I'll treat this like a big bowling game! See how many people I can hit.

Then she laughed x3

While I was talking to her, I jabbed my shoulder with a pin by accident. Felt like going to the doctor :{


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