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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

water break

Don't really wanna go in details about my day. Just wanna keep up with the palpitations. I've had one in karate in the advanced class.
I was in the middle of the kata when my brain totally blacked out, and I couldn't remember the moves even though I've been doing this kata for 6 months now, won first place in it for team kata, and was tested and graded on it last week. I laughed it off and took a moment to remember the moves. When I laughed is when the SVT hit. I half assed the rest of the kata and tried to relax my body and take deep breaths sorta trying to make my body think I'm sitting. I really didn't wanna sit in class.
I already took a "water break" to dash to the changing room to pray.

My legs are killing me from the knees down.


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