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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hal-con 2014: Cosplays (draft)

I JUST got back from Halcon, and boy, oh boy, was it ever fun!

I'm a little pooped out at the moment, but there's so much to go through that I don't know where to begin!

Of course I cosplayed as noface from Spirited away, again, this is a GREAT cosplay idea for those Muslim gals out there who choose not to show their hair! (I'm not a fan of replacing the hijab with a wig). Also, for anyone who wants to really, specially if you're cheap or broke like me!
There are many other great ideas for hijabis to cosplay as and I could make a post about this later on.

I went with Revi and the lines at first were a bit frightening:

But it wasn't as awful as last year. I mean, once the con started we immediately went inside, sure the lines were long, but we moved in pretty quick. It might've taken us about 15 minutes to go in!

The cosplays were amazing, we went inside one of the panels for some star trek guy, I personally don't care enough to discuss it, but he was funny.

We pretty much took pictures of a bunch of people, and a LOT of people took pictures of me. A lot told me it was a great costume and when I tried giving a girl a gold piece, a guy from the background screams " DON'T TAKE IT! YOU'LL DIE IF YOU TAKE IT!" and I just grinned, because that was the reaction I was seeking. The girl became really hesitant, but after agreeing that I wont eat her, she took the gold. That was fun.

Photobombing the booths
We didn't get the chance to go downstairs to the gift shop, but we did go through the booths at the second floor in which I bought three Avatar bookmarks for 5$. I bought two Zukos and a Toph. I also had a guy take a picture of my cosplay for his site "secret east", but I have yet to actually find it there!

Zuko, Toph and Korra bookmarks
While walking through the place without my mask, I made eye-contact with a Kinpachi as I was admiring his costume and so, he nodded at me. That's when it dawned on me that, hey, wait a minute! I go to karate classes with this guy! I KNOW YOU! It was amazing. He then tagged along with us since he seemed to have lost his friends somewhere.

Kinpachi from Bleach
Also, looking at the booths a man immediately walks up to me from behind the table and pulls out his own noface mask! He asks me for a photo together and I comply, he also told me to email him the picture. I need to rummage through my cards and give it to him.

Double Nofaces!

Here are more pictures of booths and their merchandise:

Looking at Booths
Clock Hats

Hand made Elsa, little ninja, and TMNT dolls

Fairy Tail poster

Dragon Balls dolls

Captain Canuck booth

I don't remember the order of things, but we also went in a panel for equality among sexes and a sport anime panel in which I told them about REAL, a sport manga about wheelchair basketball that's more psychological than anything else. That it's still running, but it's the same author as the one who wrote Slam Dunk.

At the Sports' Panel
As you might know, prayer is the second pillar in Islam, and I would have to have missed two of them if I did not pray at the con. So, when I told Revi that I had to go pray, she told me she will accompany me, and as did Kinpachi. I thought that was sweet, but a bit troublesome. However, Revi asked one of the volunteers working there. I was embarrassed that Revi got the staff involved, I know it's not part of the majority's religion or way of life to pray during the day and such and I don't wanna impose my religious values on people by praying publicly. I know a lot of people don't feel comfortable with that, but she took me seriously. She asked if I needed to face any specific direction, and I told her that at this point it wouldn't matter ( I really had no idea which direction). She then took me where she thought would be an empty space, and it wasn't. Someone tried to talk to her, and she told him that she's "with someone right now". That sentence alone meant A LOT to me. She then took me to an unused hallway and asked me if it was fine with me, well, of course it is. I just don't want people staring at me. She then waited at the entrance of the hallway while talking to my two friends who refused to ditch me.
At another point I had to perform my second prayer, magrib prayer, and I thought I shouldn't bother her and ask, that I can just sneak in and sneak out. When I was done though, she came up to me and I thought "oh, man. she's gonna tell me to ask her permission next time", what she said was: "Next time when you want to pray, tell me so that I can keep and eye out for you so that no one would disturb you in your prayers."


I felt a bit shy, I told her not to worry about it because this one is the last one, and I thanked her a lot. She's so sweet, actually, I don't think I met one rude person at the con. I mean, you only get stared at with the mask on, and only then while smiling at you. 
I don't think I want to ever forget what this lady said or did to me.

There were also some free arcade and video games. Of course too many teens were playing smash bros and mario karts and some other violent games. I wish I can play mario Kart, but alas, broke and none of my friends have these games.
We ended up playing Pinball and Mortal Kombat instead. Also, Revi and Kinpachi played mrs. Pacman.

Pinball Machines 

Playing Mortal Kombat

We stood in line for Laser tag near the end, it was epic. We lost as a team, but myself and Revi were the only ones left in our team that hadn't died. It was a blast! So much fun, I wanna do it again, maybe with my sister next time!

While standing in line for the laser tag game, I spotted a group on Naruto Characters walking down the hall, I wanted to chase after them but alas, I was in line. Then a few feet behind them comes Sasuke out of no where, I was only able to see his back as he walked away from me and I squealed "Sasuke!" from behind my mask and extending my arm out towards him. The only one who heard me was Revi.

Then Again as I was leaving with Revi, I kept staring at the door, anticipating seeing him or the topless Fairy Tail character that I stared at for some time. I was indeed right, the moment I took my eyes off of the doorway and back, I caught a glimpse of Sasuke's back as he walked up the escalators. I chased after him for a photo, but got called back when my gloves fell out of my pocket. I picked them up and went after Sasuke, but I couldn't catch him in time as I assume he went inside the party occurring at night. Disappointed, I went back downstairs and then I saw the same party of Naruto characters. I took a picture of them, but found it quite ironic that I was Inu, Naruto, and Sakura were following a missing Sasuke. A Sasuke that kept using escape no jutsu on my butt! HMPH! Sasuke no baka.

Cosplay Pictures Taken:

Gaara Kazekage and Naruto Hokage Cosplays
Naruto Hokage Cosplay

Madara Cosplay

Naruto and Jiraya

Ciel Phantomhive and Loise from Black Butler

Cutest Hetalia Cosplay <3

Yuno Gasai Cosplay from Mirrai Nikki

Brave Cosplay

Best Wolverine Cosplay EVER

Wolverine and Cyclops from X-men +1

Realistic Tangled Cosplay

Tangled Cosplay with mother Gotham and No Face

Lost Waldo Cosplay

Goku Cosplay from DBz

Iron Man

Hatsune Miku


Link and Noface, giving out gold

Best Costume in all of Halcon, just because of the pose!

Earth Bender,

Kirito, Lucy, and No face cosplay

Star Wars
Natsu Cosplay from FairyTail

It's-a him! Mario!
Ivy and Harely Quinn
Deadpool and Spiderwoman

Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay (female version)

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