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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Houstan, Texas (2)

Since the zoo, we have been to a few places.
We went to Kemah yesterday, which was a small amusement park. My 14 year old cousin, (R), wasn't very eager seeing as he's seen and rode better so he doesn't care. But i had tons of fun, then I ended upmeating funnel cake with apples on top. It tasted great.
every ride affected my body differently, one spun a full circle, upside down and all, it was amazing. My legs were quiverring afterwards, then we rode the  thing that lifts you up then drops you down suddenly, and i was able to pull my whole arm and shoulder out of it, which was awful. But the drop was so sudden that I felt my thorax and abdomen compress. We headed to the roller coaster next. It was belt on wood, so it looked shady and unsafe and it had no loop, so we figured it will be lame, but the ride was so bumpy and fast that I felt my brain ratteling in my skull. It was really fun, but ever since I've had a bit of a headache. We rode on a ship after convincing (R) to ride, both cousins thought it was lame, but I thought it was fun just being on the ride. Man, they were such buzz kills though, i really hate people who are either bored on fun games, or too scared to get on them. That's why I plan to take future fiance to an amusement park, if he acts macho or like a chicken, I'm gonna be disappointed in his personality.

We went to Fadi's afterwards, which is an arabic resturaunt that has amazing food. All food I tasted tasted just like the authentic arabic home cooked meals I eat. It was great.
at night, we went to a standup comedy show for Ali Siddiq at Improv. He wasn't the funniest, but it was still a great experience.


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