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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Weeks went by

I'm watching an anime called Steins Gate now. I watched the first episode a few hours before my first final exam I think.

I'm still taking driving lessons. I have one tomorrow, and I think I'm improving slowly.

I miss my Japanese friend, I won't be seeing her ever again unless I go to Hokkaido, or she comes back here. She has given me a card right after I gave her one too. It was very sweet, as is she.

Revi visited today, we ate at my place and it turned out she was wearing similar snowmen earrings as the one I got for her. It's a bit awkward, but I suppose it was alright. She said she loved them, none the less, and decided to put them on. She told me North America didn't have the 99 comic she wanted to get me, it's a comic that includes many Muslims in it. She also won't tell me what she got me though, so I will find out tomorrow when she visits again.

I'm going to Houston on the 19th and I'm a little upset none of my online friends live near by..then again,  it's probably for the best.

I created another blog that falls under my original name. I decided to make it exclusively for anime and manga related posts. So, I basically copy pasted all of the posts I had on summaries and ratings of said animes and mangas I've read and watched and put them there.

moving disaster moments:
I cut myself twice today. First time was against the edge of the trash can's pedal while I was scrubbing the floor. Second time was when I was chopping onions. It feels so strange when the metal pierces through your muscle. you sorta feel the top layer of skin breaking beneath the blade's pressure. They both bled for just  a bit, both shallow cuts. Interestingly enough, this was my first time cutting myself with a knife. Though I've always seen it coming, so was tripping while running. Now all that's left is falling down the stairs and getting hit by a car!


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