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Monday, February 23, 2015

Much to Do

Friday was the girls gathering, then saturday the vigil for my 3 muslim relatives, yes it turned out I was related to them. The father is my mom's cousin. Sunday I went to the Syrian refugee charity dinner event which turned out to be super fun. I got to meet some people and laugh and embarresse myself as usual. I also auctioned! well, i was the only one apparently. but, I bought a teeth whitening kit. At first noone wanted it, so it was auctioned off for half its original price (350$), then noone wanted it and so it was reduced to a 100$, I was still hesitant, but I realize this is a good deal. It got then further reduced to 75$ at which the table encouraged me to take it, and I did. No regrets, that's more than 75% off and I love it. I'll get to whiten my teeth! I actually need to fix them up, but it wouldn't matter if I whiten it first, right?

Today my friends in micro told me that they never saw me mad before. I don't know how they expect to see me angry at school, people need to compose themselves, besides, I wasn't that close to her. Then nicole pointed out that even in karate i'm never mad, and that I punch people while smiling which makes me look scarier!
That comment made me laugh and another guy agreed. Apparently I hit, hurt, apologize all while smiling.

Bake sale is tomorrow! WAH!

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