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Friday, March 13, 2015


You know a guy is creepy when he watches you exercise. Seriously, did he really have to stand outside the gym watching me while I was doing push up, planks, and sit ups in karate? It was so awkward, I saw him and waved, but then he didn't leave for a good five minutes or so. I couldn't focus on anything, all I was thinking about is "holy shit, is he checking me out" "Does this gi show my butt?" "Is he still staring at me" " Don't look back, don't look back"
Maybe he was just watching everyone though...

Also, that same morning I tripped on ice and cut my palm up. It was bleeding in the bus, so I pretended my hand didn't exist.

I showed the pictures to my friend, I felt a bit bad because the second one I took knowing fully well he liked that nail polish colour! (it was a coincidence though)

I also ate some amazing Potatchos at Your Father's Moustache (yes, that's the pub's name) with several friends as a little girl's night out. I had my first Shirley Temple, but I didn't like it. I then walked with two of my friends to karate and then one of them's mom drove me home.

Same guy that was staring at me, messages me today telling me that I missed the 18 bus again. Seriously, he's creeping me out more and more.

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