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Saturday, March 7, 2015

First Time Face Painting

I volunteered today for relay for life as a face painter and it was SO MUCH FUN!
First Butterfly
 I was face painting with Pru (friend), I first did her face drawing a small panda on the cheek, then a butterfly on her eye.  People loved it, and they came to me asking for the same butterfly. I was so good that people didn't believe it was my first time! at least three people asked me if I was in NASCAD (an art school)! It was so fun and refreshing. People were relaxed, and then happy when they say their face. We has a line up of people. I mostly did butterflies, but i had the occasional piggy on the cheek, cat faces, and I drew an epic open mouthed shark on a girls eye. 

Only a few guys came to the booth, but two of them were gay (I think). One gay dude was SO HAPPY I was doing the pretty butterfly, he was like a child. He even told me to paint him like one of my French girls! I laughed so hard, cause he first asked me if I watched titanic, then I completed his joke for him. Then he said I was his canvas. May God guide him.

God, I had so much fun that I wish I can do this more often!

Here are SOME pics:

First Flower


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